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How Does This Work?

This page will explain how our online shopping system works.

Q. Do I need to book both a hotel and tickets to get the restaurant coupon?
A. No, either a hotel booking or a ticket purchase earns you the restaurant coupon.

Q. What happens if I skip the form page?

A. For hotels, you will not get the extra personal benefits like the restaurant coupon, you need to use the form for that part of the deal. We can automatically link your hotel booking to your organization without the form. For tickets the discount code represents the key. We can process everything without the form with except the restaurant certificates as long as you enter the special code at ticket checkout. For online shopping you must submit the form to trigger any actions on our part beyond the purchase of your items.

Q. How do I get the discount on the tickets?
A. Use the coupon code when you buy the tickets. Enter the code just under the field for your credit card security code in the box that says “Discount Code”, use the code JFB3S1 in either upper case or lower case. The ticket price will adjust to reflect the package offer. You should see a thank you message too. If you do not see this ticket price discount and message try to toggle something else on the page, like inserting your country and delivery option. If you already entered all information needed to buy your tickets online change your country and change it back. If none of this things work double check the coupon code.

Q. Do I need to mail anything?

A. No, fill out the benefit form online you do not need to print the form or mail anything.

Q. Can I get my package deal by phone?
A. We will be happy to help with everything including taking care of the rebate form if you call 1-800-351-3301 M-Th 9-6 and Fri 9-5 EST .

Q. When do I get my restaurant certificate?
A. If you booked a hotel as a part of your package the restaurant certificate gets faxed to the hotel and should be delivered to you upon check in. Specifically ask for the fax if they forget to deliver it to you. If you did not book a hotel your restaurant certificate will be emailed and you can print it yourself.

Q. How do I get my tickets delivered?
A. It depends on what you select when you buy your tickets. You may get them mailed, shipped next day, pick them up at the box office or sometimes even print them yourself.

Q. How are your prices compared to other outlets?
A. Our prices should be the same or better than anywhere else you can find before the rebates and package discounts. Once you figure in the discount deals and rebates you should end up with a great package deal. If you find anything that represents a better value let us know and we will see if we can beat it.

Q. Where can I call if I have more questions or a problem along the way?

A. We will be happy to help at 1-800-351-3301 M-Th 9-6 and Fri 9-5 EST.


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